100 x Plastic Sticky Hook Eyelet 23mm Ceiling Wall Hanger Adhesive

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100 x Adhesive Button Hook Ceiling and Wall Hanger 23x23mm

Plastic Hanger Button Hooks with Permanent Self Adhesive foam tape base used for hanging and suspending light weight material from ceilings or walls.

These square adhesive base sticks to a range of smooth surfaces. The base has a permanent foam adhesive tape. Only for small light weight items.

In order to maximize strength and durability please apply to clean, dry and smooth surfaces, press and hold firmly for a few seconds and wait a few minutes before applying weight and using.

Direct sun exposure, high humidity, extreme cold, rough and dirty surfaces reduce strength.

  • Non-removable / Permanent adhesive, removal may leave mark on surface
  • Hook has internal diameter of 7mm with a small opening roughly 1.5mm wide
  • Total height once applied is roughly 23mm
  • White color
  • 100 units

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