10 x Snap Lock Ring Metal Hinged Steel Locking Ring

HOO14: 19mm
Sale price$9.99


10 x Metal Hinge Steel Locking Ring Loose Leaf Book Binder Snap Lock Ring with chromed finish

  • Used for crafts, signage, binding spines, connecting panels, etc.
  • Available in 7 sizes

Made from strong steel alloy these hooks are made of two pieces with a pin hinge on one side and a tooth lock design on the other. The hinge is designed to be resistant and hard to open/close. The two halves only open roughly 45-60 degrees and not the whole way.

  • Not suitable for outdoor use, may rust.
  • Measurements are inside diameter of rings.
  • 1 pack is 10 units of that size
 Diameter Wire Thickness
19mm 2.3mm
25mm 2.7mm
38mm 3.3mm
50mm 3.4mm
63mm 3.5mm
76mm 4.5mm


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