10 x Ceiling Hook Hanger Clip for Suspended Grid Ceilings Metal

Color: White
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10 x Metal Ceiling Hanging Hooks

Metal Hooks for Ceiling Grids, used for hanging and suspending material from standard ceiling grids.

Pack Size = 10 Units (5 Left and 5 Right)
A simple and strong solution to secure material off track rails on ceilings. Made from metal, these hooks slide on to ceiling grids used in most office and commercial spaces.

Even though they can be used individually, they are designed to be used as pairs to lock in place and resist lateral movements. To do this, place them on the rail opposite of each other and slide them towards each other so the slits lock in place.

  • Hook opening = 6mm
  • Hook eye diameter = 10mm

No more adhesives, wires, knots, tape and messy solutions. These clips just slide on to the ceiling rails and allow material to be hanged off them by hook or wire. They can slide across the rails for minor adjustments. By using 2 hooks on one rail you can create a secure hook.

  • Made from 0.9mm thickness aluminum sheet
  • 10 units (5 left, 5 right) makes 5 open hook sets.

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