58mm Professional Flower Shape Screw Mount Camera Lens Hood for Canon DC(II)

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Universal DC(II) 58mm Camera Lens Hood Cover


  • Scew-on generic lens hood known as the flower petal or lotus shape. Suitable for Canon 58mm lenses as well as Nikon and Sony 58mm lenses


  • Screw diameter spiral 58mm
  • Material: high quality plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Interface type: screw mount


  • Lens hood is used as a common photography accessory to cover the front lens. The followings are its functions: 
  1.  When photographing in a backlight, sidelight, or flashlight situation, it can prevent non-imaging light from coming in to avoid fog.
  2. When photographing in a frontlight or sidelight situation, it can prevent scattered light from coming in.
  3. When photographing in a light or night situation, it can prevent unwanted light from coming in. 
  4. It not only can prevent accident damage to the lens and finger touching the lens by mistake, but also prevent wind and sand from the lens in some degree.
  5. Lens hood is widely applied in backlight photographing. It is generally used to avoid dazzle light. But if the source light is near, there may still exist dazzle light. At this time, you can use your hand to block the lens cover on one side of source light. To tell whether the dazzle light is eliminated, you need to see it in the viewfinder.

Parcel contains 1 unit of Camera Lens Hood (Non-OEM)

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