10 x Stretch Wire Ceiling Hanging Hooks Spring Pull Jet Wires x 10

Size: Small 12cm
Sale price$9.99


10 x Extendable Steel Jet Wire Ceiling Hanging Spring Hooks

A double C hook for hanging lightweight posters and signs. These hooks known as mobile spirals or jet wires, come in the original length as mentioned below and can be pulled to the desirable length by hand and then they will stay at that length as long as the force is within the operational capacity.

  • Once pulled to length they will not retract
  • Used for hanging light signs and posters indoors
  • 10 units
  Original Length Length at max load Max Length Max Load
Small 12 cm 17 cm 100 cm 0.4 Kg
Medium  17 cm 27 cm 150 cm 0.4 Kg
Large 20 cm 34 cm 190 cm 1 Kg
X-Large 32 cm 37 cm 250 cm 1 Kg

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